Brad Mastrangelo


Brad Mastrangelo, The Ultimate Story Teller



While enjoying the air conditioning, laugh away these humid days!

My newest comedy CD “My 2 Cents“ is available for $9.99 + S&H or download tracks or the entire CD on iTunes, Amazon & Google Play.  I’ve learned a lot in 20+ years of marriage…like what constitutes an emergency to wake her up. (Hint, it’s not I can’t sleep)


I had a blast making it and you’ll laugh for 45 minutes listening to my real life experiences, entertaining on cruise ships and even finding humor in the dreaded colonoscopy. Thanks to my wife and daughter for your support and the endless supply of material.


The ultimate storyteller, Brad is a stand up comedian whose performance never fails to hit home! His observational humor tickles audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Brad can make you belly ache laugh without being political and offensive and he can make ordinary events seem hysterical! His amusing material is always evolving so it’s never the same show twice.

Brad has been entertaining audiences from coast to coast for 20 years.  He has appeared on Comics Come Home, Catch a Rising Star and Comedy Central.

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